OHCC Coffee House Dec 2.2011

Here you go folks.  Your video post of the week is the Oak Hills Coffee House from Dec. 2nd 2011 in its entirety.  A special thanks goes out to google and youtube for allowing us to post videos longer than 10 min.

So, set aside 45 minutes &  grab a good cup of coffee and some friends…

Its Coffee House


11.11.11 Video Post of the Week

Ok, haven’t done this for a while but figure there’s no time like the present to boot it back up.  So here we go for 11.11.11, and be sure to check out every Friday

When you post a cover song to youtube.com there really isn’t any better of a compliment that you can get than the band who originally wrote and recorded the song posts your cover to their Facebook page.

Jayesslee is a duo of twin sisters who posted a cover of Switchfoot’s song “Dare You to Move”.   Switchfoot posted this video on their Facebook page with the simple caption of “Beautiful”, and it is.