Good Books are Great…………. Good Books for only $5 are even BETTER

Hey everyone –

If you like books you will like this.  Relevant Magazine has their $5 book sale going on right now.  34 great books available for only $5.  I browsed through them and three thoughts continually went through my mind:

1) “Ooh, I have that book…it is so good, I should read it again.”

2) “I’ve heard that book is awesome, I should buy it.”

3) “Never heard of it, but that looks like a fantastic book”

There were not many books that didn’t get one of these thoughts.  And there a variety of books; from a book on the spiritual journey of U2, to a christian culture survival guide (a hilarious satire), to books about social justice, to relationships, to spiritual growth, and even a collection of Charles Spurgeon sermons.  There is something for everyone.

So go check it out, I’d go as far as to say that I guarantee you will come across at least one book that you want, and probably a lot more.  “But you don’t have to take my word for it.”  (to quote the great champion of reading LeVar Burton)  The link at the bottom will bring you to the site.



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