KONY 2012

Below is a video put out by the group Invisible Children called, “Kony 2012”.  This video that was released last week went viral fast.  So odds are you have heard of or already watched this video. Here is a brief description of the purpose of this video from Invisible Children.

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

Like most things in this country that get hugely popular very fast, there are loads and loads of skeptics, people who automatically look for and try to point out the faults.  With this I would encourage you to also read THIS ARTICLE from Relevantmagazine.com  This article takes a pretty unbiased look at the KONY 2012 campaign.

So please find the time to watch this video, and read this article.  Look at the facts and the information available and make a decision on your own whether you would like to support this cause or not, don’t make a decision based on who is shouting their rhetoric the loudest.


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