Help for the Procrastinator

This one goes out to the procrastinators.                                                                           You know who you are.  (And yes, I know who I am.)

There is snow on the ground, and Thanksgiving break is just a week away.  This of course means that the semester will be ending in a matter of weeks.  If homeland security put out a Procrastination Advisory System right about now they would be raising it to               threat level RED.

So, to those who procrastinate here is a little article from that gives us “8 Ways Not to Procrastinate”

8 Ways to Not Procrastinate

Adam Rico

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Time management doesn’t have to be painful. Here’s how to finish (fill in the blank).

In college I had a friend, George, who would wait until the night before his paper was due to begin writing it. Most of the time he would even begin reading the required books the same night. He would stay up all night, write the paper and turn it in around 9am the next morning. If you happened to come upon George during that particular twelve-hour period you would have witnessed an intensely focused college student furiously typing away on his laptop. Brandishing headphones, amidst a sea of abandoned coffee cups, open books and paper, George somehow always pulled it off. His ability to procrastinate and still meet the deadline was truly amazing.

To read the whole article on CLICK HERE


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