The Return to Middle Earth

Ok.  So it has been quite some time since I have posted anything.  Have been on the road and also have had a sort of…..I guess “bloggers block”.   I would like to give Chad Riggs a big thank you for his guest posts that he has been providing, they have been fantastic.  If you haven’t checked them out, you probably should:

Follow the Light                     Heaven, Hell, and the Other

So I’ve really been thinking that stuff needs to get going again here on the Oak Hills blog, but what to post????  And then it hit me, what better to post than a video blog by Peter Jackson looking into the production of The Hobbitt!!!!! Please tell me you are as excited as I am about all of this.  So here is the latest video blog from The Hobbitt.  I think one of my favorite parts is at about 9min 30sec when they are in the concept art room and there are pictures and models all over that are blurred out….ok I’m geeking out a little.  Anyways, here it is.  Enjoy










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