The Rowin’ Oaks

Last week was the annual Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival here in Bemidji, an event that draws thousands to the Lake Bemidji waterfront in downtown Bemidji.  

Oak Hills competed for the second year as the Rowin’ Oaks.  We didn’t win but our team paddled with all they could.  And the best part is that the boat didn’t sink or flip and no one fell out of the boat.  Ready to gear of for next year and give this years winner of the Education Cup, BSU, a run for their money next summer.


  • Drummer: Brenda Hostetter
  • Paddler 1: Mishele McKain
  • Paddler 2: Randy McKain
  • Paddler 3: Jenny Hodgson
  • Paddler 4: Jim Hodgson
  • Paddler 5: Katelyn Hodgson
  • Paddler 6: Tammy Clyde
  • Paddler 7: Mikaela Clyde
  • Paddler 8: John Engquist
  • Paddler 9: Steven Ware
  • Paddler 10: Benjamin Ware
  • Paddler 11: Joan Berntson
  • Paddler 12: Carol Nelson
  • Paddler 13: Steve Hostetter (captain)
  • Paddler 14: Richard Anderson
  • Paddler 15: Bethany Anderson
  • Paddler 16: Tammy McCray
  • Paddler 17: Mario Keeper
  • Paddler 18: Jonathon Carpenter
  • Paddler 19: Curtis Condon
  • Paddler 20: Brad Paulsen
  • Alternate 1: Heather Zoc

Here is a wrap up article from for the 2011 Festival

River City Dragons Win 6th Annual Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Gold Championship

The River City Dragons won the Gold Division Championship and became the first team from Canada to win the 6th annual Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival. The final included the defending champion Hydra Heads, last year’s second place team The Eh team, and the Prostate Paddlers making the finals in their first appearance. The race saw all 4 teams finish within 1 second of each other. The Eh team finished second for the second year in a row, followed by the Prostate Paddlers and then the Hydra Heads. Earlier in the day the Hydra Heads recorded the fastest time in festival history during the morning session.

The afternoon session was moved up to 12:30 p.m. and the race course was shortened due to weather concerns. Fortunately, the weather systems moved either south or north of Bemidji so the races were able to be completed without interruption.

The festival kicked off on Thursday with 42 teams participating in the first ever Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival Cornhole Tournament. Friday the festival encountered severe weather 90 minutes leading up to the Parade of Teams start time of 6:30. Winds estimated between 50-60 mph blasted the grounds leaving considerable damage in the team village and around festival grounds. Volunteers worked to get the grounds cleaned up and the Parade of Teams started just one hour late at 7:30. The turnout of teams and spectators was overwhelming considering the circumstances.

The Bemidji Rotary and Bemidji Chamber thank all of the event sponsors, volunteers, and teams for making the 6th Annual Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival a resounding success. There were a record 75 teams that participated in 2011!

Mark your calendars now and plan to be a part of the 7th annual Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival August 2-4, 2012.


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