Bemidji Skate Event with Brian Sumner

Bemidji has a large population of skateboarders.  This is evident to anyone who happens to drive past the newly built city skate park in Bemidji, it is usually packed.  On May 15th an outreach event was held at the Bemidji Skate Park that drew hundreds of people.  This was organized by Impact Bemidji, a group that has a heart for sharing Jesus and his love with the skaters of Bemidji.  For the event Brian Sumner, The Untitled Skate Team, and Kaboose (Oak Hills Alumni and Bemidji resident) were brought in.  Brian Sumner was the main attraction, and if you don’t know who he is lets just say he’s a pretty big deal in the skate board world.  Christian or not, the kids who skate will know who he is.

This was a great event and Brian Sumner does not hold back, he is loves Jesus and makes sure everyone knows it.  The day consisted of an open skate time where the kids and pros got to just hang out and skate together, competitions for all age groups, a testimony from Brian, and a concert from Kaboose.  It was pretty cool to see kids’ faces light up because they were skating with guys that they are used to seeing in magazines and ads.  It was even cooler to see the response from Brian’s testimony as many kids came forward to make a decision for Christ.

A big thanks to all who were involved in the planning, Brian Sumner, Untitled, and Kaboose.

Were you there?  Tell us what you thought.

here is a video of Brian giving his testimony at the event as well as a slide show of some of the pictures from the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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