It’s Summer Movie Time

First off, I’ve never really understood the draw that theaters have in the summer time.  The weather gets warm brings us hot sunny days to spend at the beach or just enjoying the outdoors, and warm/cool evenings to sit by a fire, play yard games, grill stuff, and all sorts of other things outside in wide open spaces….. Yet we are drawn to movie theaters, which are dark, filled with people, and offer you snacks and drinks at about 4-5 times the price you would usually pay.  Maybe the comfy seats and large scale beautiful air conditioning has something to do with it.  Now I am in no way condemning or putting down people who enjoy going to see movies in the summer time, largely because I’m right there with them.  Because when it comes down to it the biggest and most fun movies, the ones that just won’t be the same on your home tv no matter how nice of a set up you have and you have to see on the big screen, come out in the summer.  Due to the extreme busyness of my life right now I sadly have not made it out to a movie yet this summer, but I hope to remedy that because there are some good ones coming out.  This summer there is something for everyone.


Of course you gotta have your action-adventure comic book/cartoon remakes.  Thor already hit screens earlier this year, X-men: First Class just released, Captain America is coming, the third Transformers is coming and so is Cowboys & Aliens.

Here is the trailer for Xmen: First Class

And here is Captain America

Now be honest, just the title “Cowboys & Aliens” sounds so amazingly ridiculous that you just have to wanna see it.  Then you throw in the fact that in the movie you will have James Bond and Indiana Jones/Han Solo (well not the characters, but Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford and when it comes down to it they will always from henceforth be those characters no matter what situation or movie they are in) as well as the director from Iron Man (Jon Favreau).  Seriously even if this movie is awful, it will be so incredibly awful that you have to see it.

A little out of the ordinary, there are also plenty of movies coming out that aren’t action/adventure or comedy this summer.  One I’m really curious about is Tree of Life.  I could tell you about it, but this article did a pretty good job at making me want to see it so just follow this link and you can also watch a trailer their.

There are lots of others, including something about a little wizard who wears glasses and a pirate who may have a few screws loose.  What movies are you looking forward to?  What movies have you seen, were they good or bad?  Comment below and let us know.

For a more full look at this summer’s movies check out Relevant Magazines Summer Movie Guide


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