Sad News

So you may have heard already, but if not here goes – This next tour, the 7 Tour, that David Crowder Band goes out on will be there last as   a band.  This is sad.  I could try explaining here why they are disbanding but its probably best if you just read it for yourselves, here is what the band has posted on their website  (CLICK HERE)

This is sad, but it is great that they are going out on a high note and not in a bundle of broken relationships and controversy like so many bands do.  David Crowder Band will be sorely missed.  I personally will say that they have been one of my favorite bands since I first heard them almost 10 years ago.

Their creativity goes unmatched.

The good news – There is a new album in the works, & the 7 tour is bound to be an awesome show with Gungor, John Mark McMillan, and Christ August.   You should probably be there.

In honor of David Crowder Band we will have, starting tomorrow, 7 Days of Crowder.  Each day I’ll be posting a David Crowder Video for your enjoyment.


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