An Oak Hills Tradition – The Man and the Lake

It is a long standing tradition at Oak Hills when a couple gets engaged to, as a community, throw the guy into the lake. This is done as a celebration of their engagement. Before being thrown in the man is asked, “Is she worth it?”, ‘it’ being the cold waters of Lake Marquette while fully clothed. Last Friday, April 15th 2011, was Calvin’s turn. Many have gone before, and many are still to come.

Have you been thrown in for the woman you love?  Lets hear your story.

I was thrown in in either late November of early December.  Either way the field was covered with a couple inches of snow and it was about 30 degrees out.

Here is Calvin’s experience.


5 thoughts on “An Oak Hills Tradition – The Man and the Lake

  1. I got thrown in the Spring before I got married in 2006. The ice was fresh off the lake. They literally roped me after chapel, threw me in the back of a truck, drove me down to the docks, and tossed me in. It was cold…and then I was late to class.

    It has to be one of my favorite school traditions.

  2. For me it was 2005 just before the lake iced over, and the whole campus had a few inches of snow. I was running sound for chapel and when I opened the door to leave the sound booth they were waiting, my escape out the front window of the booth was also cut off.
    It was very cold, and a memory I won’t ever forget.
    I would have to say, looking back, that I enjoyed getting thrown in as much as I enjoyed throwing other guys in.

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