Jesus, Love, Sloppy Kisses, and John Mark McMillan

How He loves is a song written by John Mark McMillan.  Many may know this song and not know John Mark McMillan, or more likely have/had heard the song without knowing he wrote it.  Many bands have covered the song and it has become a staple with many worship bands everywhere.  In the original their is a lyric that goes “Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss..”  This line has sparked some controversy as many have decided that this line is too mooshy and not appropriate for church.  So some, like the widely popular David Crowder Band version, have changed the line to “like an unforeseen kiss”.  I have read in some interviews with John Mark that David Crowder did speak to him about the line prior to recording the “unforeseen kiss” version to make sure he had John Mark’s approval which is very respectful of David Crowder.  There has been lots of interesting stuff written about this and it has resulted on some great conversation of what worship is and should be.  So here are some bits that I would encourage you to check out, not only do they look into ‘controversy’ but they also have some great insights into the song itself and worship in general.

Check these out and comment on this blog – What thoughts did you have while reading and watching this material?  Do you have an opinion?  Be honest…do you usually sing “sloppy wet…” or “unforeseen”?

Here is an article in on Relevant Magazines web site from an interview they did with John Mark McMillan

Here is a Blog post written about the lyric controversy and John Mark himself tweeted that he feels it is the best thing that has been written in the last 8 years about the lyric.

Here is a video put out by Integrity Music.  In this John Mark tells the story behind the song.

Here is a video of an awesome performance of the song.


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