How (not) to invite someone to church

So my pastor showed this video at church a little while back.  It’s pretty hilarious.  I think what makes it funny, but also kind of sad, is how realistic it can be.  At least the guy is inviting his coworkers to church, I honestly couldn’t say if I have ever invited a coworker to church.  I think we often slip into the idea of church having to be something really “cool”, when in reality I think it is safe to say that people are most attracted to something real and genuine.  In todays world something being real and genuine might just be hip and cool because its not normal and also un-natural in some regards.  We live in a world of marketing where everything is for sale and everyone is selling something.  I’m not going to rant on this too much, because sometimes when I get going it starts to only make sense in my head and is in some weird code when it leaves my head (and I feel this would be one of those times).

Lets hear back on this

1st – What do you think, what have you experienced, etc. with this type of stuff?

2nd – I haven’t tried it, but I’m gonna and I’d encourage you to also, make a video using , according to the deal if you can type you can make a movie.  Let’s see what you can do.

side note – we do not endorse all of the videos created by individual people by , I just think it could be a fun tool to play around with.


One thought on “How (not) to invite someone to church

  1. 1) I have also never gone through with inviting a co-worker to church. I think I avoided doing so because I didn’t want to come across as being too pushy. Being less confident in my own walkl certainly had something to do with it as well. I rationalized not doing so because I thought that God would open up the right opportunity. This is certtainly true, but in my own experience I think I may have decided to ignore prompting to ask a co-worker to go to church out of fear and possible risk of embarrassment.

    2) Looks cool, I’ll give it a try soon!

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