So I have not posted in a long long time, as my daughter would say, “for weeks”.  I have been on the road all of last week and this week and have been driving all over the Twin Cities area.  Today I’m in the hotel because, like many of you, we got hit with snow and ice last night and everything is closed/canceled for the day.  So its time to catch up on things like this blog, emails, Fresh Prince reruns, and all that other important stuff that gets lost in the shuffle sometimes.

Lots has happened in the world since my last post.  The aftermath of the disasters in Japan has continued to be heavy on hearts, minds, and news; UN forces have stepped in to help in Libya; Flood projections have risen, and flood warning gone out from Fargo to the Twin Cities; I had a birthday; in classic Minnesota fashion a large snowstorm has swept across the state just a couple days after the official start of Spring to remind us that when it comes to seasons winter reigns supreme here in the north country & I’m sure I’m leaving out many very significant things from the last week.  A lot happens in a week.

I’ll probably post some more  later today, but for now here is a glimpse into the animal kingdom


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