Pray for Japan, learn from Japan

I’m sure we all have seen and heard of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan last week and the after effects like potential nuclear crisis.  It is tragic and we need to keep them in our prayers, and I encourage you to look for ways you can help.

The coverage of Japan has been the main topic on all news and today I was in the car for a long time and listened to a lot of radio.  I heard a brief interview with a survivor at a shelter in Japan. This lady made one brief statement, and I was astounded.  She was asked how she felt about the needs that they still had, that had not yet been met by the Japanese government.  She said that she was angry that they hadn’t seen much from the Japanese government yet where she was, but she understood that there were a lot of people in great need (not just her and those around her) and that the government was doing as much as they could as quick as they could.  This is so un-American, and unselfish, and patient.

I just thought I would share that because it really hit me.  What would my reaction be?  I know that hasn’t been the general reaction here in our country when there have been disasters.  I probably would have reacted like most Americans.

Its simple but lets think about others, you aren’t & I am not the center of the world


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