“And it was good…” Cont./part 2/the sequel/i forgot something….

So all of a sudden it hit me last night.  I was going to tell a brief story in yesterday’s post “And it was good…” that not only was relevant, but it was an excuse to talk about my daughter, which I love to do (yes, I am an unashamedly a proud father).

My daughter is a Narwhal… so to speak, in the context of the previous post.  We had talked about embracing who you are, who God created you to be, and all of you uniqueness.  So I would just like to share a brief dialog between my wife (Anna) and my daughter (Evie).

Anna: Evie, are you a princess?  (as Evelyn is wearing her little plastic heals with Cinderella on them)

Evie: No

Anna: Are you a mermaid?  (as Evelyn was also wrapped up in a blanket from the waist down)

Evie: No

Anna: Then, what are you?

Evie: I’m ME!!  (This was said in a very excited tone of voice)

I don’t know that it has anything to do with our parenting skills, I just thank God that right now Evelyn is very excited to be Evelyn.  She is more excited to be herself than to be a princess or mermaid, and as the father of a 2 year old girl I know that princesses and mermaids are held in very high regard.  I hope and pray that as we parent her, we won’t screw that up and we’ll help prevent any one/thing else screw her up.  I hope she continues to confidently be Evelyn, cause Evelyn is pretty fantastic.


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