Video Post of the Day: Wed. March 9th 2011

Riley Armstrong

This video post features Riley Armstrong.

Riley is a singer/songwriter and all around fantastic guy.  He has a great sense of humor and his way with words is amazing.  Watch all of these videos, friend him on facebook, and get to know Riley in whatever ways you can…its worth it.  I so want to share Riley with you that you get 5 videos today, enjoy.

Official music video for the song “>” (for those who have forgotten their math symbols “>” stands for “greater than”)

Claymation music video for the song “Sleep”

Music video for “What I’ve Found” featuring the fine dancing of Riley’s brother Kirby

The song is “Melting”, the video only has the song and lyrics….beautiful song (WARNING: if you are currently separated by some distance from someone you dearly love, the song might make you cry)

Last but not least is a live performance of a spectacular 80’s Medley


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