John Mark McMillan Fans

So are there any John Mark McMillan fans out there?

If you are not a fan I suggest you check him out.   I’m not sure how to explain it, its raw, its real, its worship, its challenging, its really really good.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Search him in iTunes or AmazonMP3, listen to the previews.  I recommend checking him out there because you can then immediately proceed to clicking on the “But Now” button, cause you’re gonna want to.  I’ll also throw a few extra videos to check out at the end of this post.  By the way, you’ve probably already heard some of his stuff without knowing it.  You know that song “How He Loves” that David Crowder Band* recorded on their latest album, and 95% of all Christian bands and worship teams have been playing for the last couple years.  He wrote that one.

John Mark and his band have finished up the recording process of their new album that is due out in September of this year.  They have also started a new online community called “The Ruckus Room”.  The community is free to join, and members will get access to behind the scenes videos, live streams etc.  Tonight members are treated to the second episode of “Behind the Scenes; Making of the Album” as well as a live stream from Catalyst West in LA .  So I would encourage you to join by following THIS LINK.  This sort of thing gets me excited, I’m a total nerd for liver performances and behind the scenes stuff.

Here is a promo for the Ruckus Room

Ok Here are some more videos to make you a fan


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