Video Post of the Day – Triple Shot Friday feb. 25th 2011

So today is the second day in the life of the video post of the day.  I got to thinking, honestly I’m not going to be posting anything over the weekend (sorry).  But this is what I’m gonna do – TRIPLE SHOT FRIDAY!!!  So there will be three videos, one for each day until we’re back on Monday.  Check these out, and then comment.  Let everyone know what you think, and let me know what types of things you would want to see.

With this first video I will confess my nerdiness.  I love to listen to Science Friday on MPR.  Its just so interesting.  One  of my favorite parts is the Video Pick of the Week.  Now you may have caught the irony here – a weekly video for a radio show.  However, their explanations of the video are simply riveting and I feel like I’ve watched it.  But have no fear, I’m not going to explain the video too much because we’re on the internet and you can watch it yourself.  Check this out, Snowflakes are awesome.

Due to formating I can not embed this video, but its worth it so just follow THIS LINK

Next up we have the newest video from Rend Collective Experiment.  We took a look at these guys a few weeks back (check it out).  They’ve had an eventful time recently as they’ve joined Chris Tomlin on his US tour, sadly they missed the first bunch of shows (including the Twin Cities) due to visa issues, but they are now gracing our country with their presence.  This song, “Come on (my soul)”, is the first track off of their album.  And you can’t tell me you wouldn’t love to be at a campfire like this.

For the 3rd and final video of the week…………….Switchfoot is back in the studio working on a new album, “Vice Verses”, due out this summer.  This is the first installment of their video diaries from the studio.


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