Blogging for Dummies

So, I was looking at my “site stats” for this blog and saw that quite a few people are checking out the blog, and to you I say thanks.  Hopefully you’ve liked what you’ve seen and maybe even will subscribe to the rss.  I also noticed that there really haven’t been any comments on any of the blogs…..then I realized I haven’ t asked any questions, or done anything else to inspire/instigate/provoke/prompt/scheme/encourage/incite/spur/goad/coerce/propel/trigger — whoops, got a little carried away with there, sorry — any comments or discussion.  My general understanding is that the best use of a blog is to inspire discussion and conversation, it should encourage people to not just read but be interactive with what they are reading, the others that are also reading, and the author.  This at least is what I would like this blog to be.

So, I apologize and I promise to do my best to encourage discussion through the posts on this blog.

Ok… now I feel obligated to try and get some response from this blog, but I’m not sure how.   I got it, what is your favorite blog to read (and this one doesn’t count)?  Mine would have to be Stuff Christians Like by John Acuff .  Check it out, it is not only extremely humorous, but it can also be very thought provoking and challenging.  John Acuff is also very good at inspiring great online discussion.


I've honestly never read this, but maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea.


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