God, Worship & Life

So I was going through some files on my computer and came across one in particular that I thought I would share.  This is a blog entry that I wrote back in the fall of 2005.  I was volunteering with a local youth group and the youth pastor had asked me to start writing a blog on worship for the youth group’s website.  This was the first entry.  I didn’t find any more entries, and I can’t recall what ever happened with the blog.  Anyways, I thought I would share it, so here it is.


*written in 2005

This is the first official entry in the worship.life blog and I would like to welcome you to the conversation.  Here we will discuss worship and life, and not as two separate things, but rather as one.  Worship is life, life is worship…at least that is the way it was created to be.  In Isaiah 43.7  God says that he created us for his glory.  We were made with a purpose, to bring glory to God, to worship God.

It’s not hard to see that we were created to worship.  I’m sure you do it all the time.  Have you ever seen something that was simply amazing, something that made your jaw drop, your eyes get big, and all you can get out of your mouth is “WoW!!”. I’ve been there, many times.  That my friends is worship, and it happens naturally.  Webster’s dictionary defines worship as  an extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem. When you see an amazing sunset, are witness to an unimaginable feet of physical strength, see your favorite band live (I saw U2 last year and I’m still saying “WoW!!”), or anything else that simply makes you go “WoW!!” there is a feeling that overwhelms you, it comes from someplace deep within.  We worship so many things besides God, and it comes so naturally.

Why doesn’t it come as naturally to worship God?  Well…it can.  See the thing is when we were created we were created to worship God.  However the human race didn’t take long to fall into sin, and at that point our natural desires got messed up.  Our lives and our worship lost its natural focus, God.

We need to get back to the beginning.  We need to train ourselves to see God everywhere.  To always be aware of God, so we are able to recognize his work all around us.  We need to redirect our focus from our now natural sinful selfishness, and redirect it towards God.  Without a life with God as the focus, you can not live a life that worships God.  The best way to reset your focus on God is to spend time with Him, talk to Him, listen to Him,and get familiar with His book.  Build a relationship with Him.  As your relationship with God grows, you will start to see him all around you, and in every aspect of your life, and the GOD WoWs will become more and more frequent.  Let’s reset our focus and make God-worship our life, and our life God-worship.



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