Spiritual Enrichment Days

We have Spiritual Enrichment days coming up here next week, Feb 9-10.  These are two days set aside here on campus for students, staff, and faculty to seek to grow spiritually; both individually and communally.  All classes are canceled and we join together to pray, worship, learn from the word, etc.  The theme for this year is “Intimate Dependence – Active Love”

Lon Bjornrud is the guest speaker for Spiritual Enrichment days.  He is the pastor in @ Living Hope Free Church in St. Francis, MN.  Get to know him a little by checking out his blog, Something Bigger. Also check out Living Hope’s website and see what they have going on in St. Francis.  I’ve known Lon my whole life (he just so happens to be my big brother) and I will guarantee that people will be challenged, and it is going to be a great couple of days.

To those here on campus, don’t miss this opportunity.  I know from my time as a student these were times of great personal spiritual growth, as well as growth as a community.

To those who won’t be here with us,  I will be providing some updates during Spiritual Enrichment days via this blog, Facebook, and Twitter including photos, videos and audio.  I would encourage you to be praying for these days that God will move and challenge the hearts of those on campus.  I also would encourage you to follow along with us through the online updates.

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