Welcome to the Oak Hills Christian College blog.

This is brand new and still in development so there isn’t much for content right now, but we are hoping to change that very soon.  This blog is meant to serve a variety of purposes.  The overall goal is to provide a bit of a glimpse into the world of Oak Hills, this is a world that extends far beyond our little campus in Bemidji.  The posts here will generally fall into one of five categories: God, Life etc.; Guest Posts; Music, Books & Movies; NEWS; and Sports.

God, Life etc. – Posts in this area will be thoughts, challenges, conversations dealing with God, life and everything else that ends up entangled with the two.   This is obviously very general, but here will be the more “serious” posts

Guest Post – These will be posts by people other than me, which I am most excited about.  These will be by Alumni, Students, Staff, Faculty, and who knows who else.

Music, Books & Movies – The topic of these posts will be entertainment.  Info on new releases, reviews, videos posts, etc.

NEWS – General – This obviously will be news announcements that are related to Oak Hills.

Sports – Here we will provide any updates on Oak Hills sports, both our collegiate teams and our intramural leagues.

Hope you enjoy, and I really want to encourage you to participate through the comments areas.  Let us know what you think.

Also check us out on facebook , twitter , and our website

My name is Mark and I’m the man behind the curtain with this blog and look forward to interacting with you.



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